got to have a logo

The evolution of a logo.

Designing a building is difficult. There are many issues to deal with, not the least of which is meeting your clients’ wishes. When designing a logo for yourself, you are the client, which makes the design process all the more difficult as you have no constrains other then time to guide your design.

When I first designed a logo for myself, the year was 1995. I was not long out of college and thought that if did some side work, I would need something to put on my business cards and title block. I played around with a number of different ideas that would convey the name Nth POWER Designs. That was the name I created for my “company” although I never really used it, other then to identify myself on my Macworld Expo registrations.

The logo laid dormant for a number of years, until I started my own practice in 2009. I needed a logo and it was easy to return to something I had done before and give it a little update. The changes between the 1995 and 2009 versions are subtle, but it worked as an initial logo for my business cards. In addition, I have always thought the font, Brush Script ‘N’ always looked like a graphic instead of a capital ‘N’. Take another look; is it an N or a curvilinear graphic?

As clever as that seems, using the font Brush Script in my logo seemed a bit dated. I needed something modern and a sans serif font was the direction I headed. I also wanted to update the color and go with a deeper red, plus incorporate a gradient with a lens flair that would give it more depth. After some effort I came up with the early 2010 version and started using that on my contracts, invoices, memos and other printed communication. I still had plenty of my 2009 version business cards, so I never printed any with the new logo. Over time though, I discovered that my new logo didn’t translate well to construction documents and was more expensive to print and rarely came out well off my inexpensive inkjet printer. It looked great online, but for everything else, it just fell short.

In an effort to unify the look in all of my communication, whether online, business cards, printed communication or construction documents, I needed to make some additional changes. Since construction documents are printed in black and white, a monochrome logo seemed like a good direction to pursue. I liked the modern look that I had established with the early 2010 design, so removing the color and inverting the color of the text “np” worked quite well for all printed documents.

So, that has been the evolution of my logo. What about your own business logo? How was it established and or evolved throughout the years? Leave a comment below and share your story.