remodel: the adventure begins

In the spring of 2007, right as my wife and I were expecting our second child, the two bedroom, one bath, 918 square foot home that we had called home for six years was bursting at the seams. We loved the neighborhood, the home's proximity to downtown (a 10 minute walk) and realized that to stay here, we would have to remodel. We discussed converting the existing single car garage into a master bedroom and bath, and adding a small laundry onto the back of the house plus a detached garage. Considering what happened to the economy, this less ambitious remodel is what we should have done. Instead, we chose a far more radical remodel, a complete tear down and rebuild adding a second floor. The only thing we kept was the existing foundation, flooring framing and subfloor.

This post and those that follow are part of a weekly series that will relive our journey and detail the trials and tribulations we experienced remodeling our home. The point of revisiting this adventure is to share the lessons learned and hopefully help readers of this series avoid many of the mistakes that we made along the way.

The definition of a remodel is below:

re•mod•el   | rēmädl |
verb ( -modeled , -modeling ; Brit. -modelled, -modelling) [ trans. ]
change the structure or form of (something, esp. a building, policy, or procedure)

What that definition does not detail is the headaches, frustration and excitement that also define the word “remodel.” We experienced all of that and more. We thought we had it all planned out, but as you will see, we had no idea what we were taking on.

Next week, the process begins with a more detailed look at the design and approval process, hiring a construction manager and more in Week One: Construction Begins.