remodel: week two

Week two of construction commenced with the framing of the stem wall for the detached garage. Next the re-bar was installed and City inspections ensued, then on August 16, 2007 things became very real for this project as concrete was poured! So far everything has been either on paper or seemed like we could change our minds at any moment and turn back. Now with eight and a half yards of concrete in the ground there is no going back.

Knowing that we have gone down the rabbit hole has given this project a sense of permanence and therefore this week has been a jumble of emotions. Seeing the construction is very exciting, but at the same time it has been very scary thinking about all the money being spent and hoping that in the end we will be able to afford it all. (See Lesson Learned #2 & #3, remodel: week one.) In addition, it has been a challenge to coordinate with the public agencies to get them to turn off the utilities and to sign the City demo application. Plus, there is the matter of obtaining the Certificate of Appropriateness from the City prior to getting the demo permit, which is scheduled for August 22nd, so long as everything mentioned above actually happens in the next two days. Yikes!

Next week all the bids should be in so that the process of reviewing them can begin. That will involve making sure everything has been bid as was detailed on the plans and more importantly in our heads when we envisioned the finished product. Imagine trying to select the flooring, cabinets, sink, faucets, accessories, etc. just for remodeling your bathroom. Now imagine doing that for a whole house at the same time. This is what faces us right now and our future home awaits!

This is only the beginning of the process and I hope you enjoy following us along, enjoy the photos and this week a bonus video of the actual pour.

During the second week of construction the remodel project has become “real”. The foundation for the garage, specifically the stem wall, was poured on Thursday, August 16, 2007. Above is some video shot the morning of the pour.