college avenue

A growing family living in a 1950’s era 918 square foot two bedroom one bath house had two major problems. Not enough living space and nowhere to put anything. The solution? Add on. Utilizing the existing footprint this ground-up remodel transformed the single story house into a 2,481 square foot 2-story home for a family of four. In keeping with the traditional architecture of the community, the style of the remodel blends into the neighborhood yet has a more modern feel to the interior, which is more the taste of the owners.

The Mediterranean-style exterior is carried off with simple detailing and quality doors and windows. The four bedroom, three bath home has an office, spacious dining room/library and a detached garage. The master suite encompasses half the second floor and provides views of Mt. Diablo. There are many cost-effective energy saving features, such as 2x6 exterior walls with R-19 insulation, multi-zoned and variable speed heating and cooling, dual-paned low-E windows, and a tankless water heater. Raising the ceiling heights to 9-feet help make the rooms and the overall house feel much more spacious than the square footage would imply. The built-in storage helps to meet the original goal of having more space and room to put everything that the original house did not provide.

Photography: g.folia inc.,