Core Services

Neal A. Pann, Architect is a full service Architectural Design firm. Ideally we will work with you from the conception of your project through completion. However, we do realize that sometimes full services are not required. As such we offer the following services to our clients to be taken as a whole or, in some situations, individually (at our discretion).

While fees and fee structures are project dependent, each service description also gives a percentage of construction cost to budget. Consulting Engineers are generally not retained by Neal A. Pann, Architect and are not included in our fees. The percentages presented below are estimates, but will give you a general idea of what Architectural Services for your project could cost.


This is the initial phase of any project in which we get to know each other and establish the vision for the project and a preliminary budget. Pre-Design includes initial meetings with the client, sketches, and gathering of information pertaining to the project. Deliverables from this phase can include the development of the projects program (a list of required spaces and their respective sizes), schematic programming diagrams showing basic relationships of the spaces, and idea about materiality, and a general sense of the desired aesthetic.

Budget 1-2% of projected construction costs.


Design is broken down into two parts. The first is also known as Schematic Design. This is that phase of a project in which the information gathered during the Pre-Design phase is fleshed out in preliminary concept drawings of up to 3 proposed solutions. These drawings describe the layout of the spaces, some ideas about the quality of the spaces, and general aesthetic direction of the project. Deliverables from this phase can include floor plans, elevations, study renderings of both the exterior and interior spaces.

The second is also known as Design Development. Once one of the Concept Designs is decided upon as the direction the project is going to go, that design is developed during the Design Development portion of the Design phase. During this portion of Design, spatial arrangements are tightened up, elevations more fully developed, details considered, materiality settled upon, and systems (such as Structure, HVAC, electrical, etc…) are integrated with the design. Consultants and Engineers should be engaged during this phase. Deliverables from this phase can include floor plans, elevations, sections, presentation quality renderings of both the exterior and interior spaces.

Budget 2-3% of projected construction costs.

Construction Documents

After the project is Designed, we move into documenting the project in the Construction Documents phase. While the Construction documents generally coincide with each other, there are times when additional documentation may be required for one or the other. This phase includes detailing the project and coordinating the systems for a fully integrated Architectural Project. Deliverables from this phase can include detailed sets of drawings and written specifications for the purpose of obtaining contractor bids and appropriate permitting for the project.

Budget 3-5% of projected construction costs.

Construction Administration

During the construction of your project, Neal A. Pann, Architect will act as liaison between you and your contractor, making sure that you are getting what you are paying for from the contractors. Verifying the legitimacy of any change orders, reviewing and approving requests for payment, and make sure the contractors are abiding by the drawings and specifications. Regular meetings with the contractor will be scheduled and site visits made to check on the progress of the construction and ensure conformance with the design intent.

Budget 2-4% of projected construction costs.